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We have accumulated a wide range of valuable data recovery presentations, podcasts, documents and articles to help you better understand hard drive data recovery.

Presentations & Resources

Root of the FTP Server for Speeches and Files  -----> Download Here <-----

CSX 2015 - Forensic Imager - Google Drive Share -----> Here <-----

My Hard Drive Died's Newest Video Podcast #14 - Shmoocon 2011 - Spindle Replacement

The Shmoocon 2011 Slides and Animations: After you download the 65meg file, Unzip and Open .HTM & it will run the presentation. < Download Slides >
Shmoocon 2011 -Video: < Click Here >

Data Recovery Flowchart: A sample of my thought process on diagnostics for hard drives.
Download Here: < Diagnostic Flowchart >

Scott Moulton Interview Tekzilla with Patrick Norton;

TakeDownCon - Dallas 19th 2011 -

ISD Podcast; Jan 25th 2001 - ISD podcast - Episode 308 – Attorney/Client Privilege, Verizon, SET, Leaks Everywhere &P2P : iTunes

ISD Podcast: Covers just about everything I do!
Episode 119: - iTunes Subscription:

MyHardDriveDied Podcast; it is a Monthly Podcast with Steve from PodNutz.
Listen Here:
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MyHardDriveDied FILES RESOURCES; This is the ftp location I keep files, podcasts, videos, and many various items I have produced.  Help yourself, Click Here > Download Here.

Monthly Public Radio Broadcast: Computer America; The last Tuesday of every month I am on the air for 2 hours about hard drives and data recovery! Podcast released on Itunes on Wednesday after the show: Listen here: 
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My Podcast/Interview with Ovie Carroll from CyberSpeak on Forensics and SSD drives:    OR

New ! You can Listen Mac Users: I was interviewed by Typical Mac User Podcast and they wanted to talk about Forensics and how Drives work.


I have published TWO NEW Book/PDFs. The first is all my research and graphics with text content and notes on SSD (Solid State Drives).

This book is over 100 pages about the basics for how SSD NAND Drives (Flash Memory) and Solid State Drives and how they work from a Forensic and Data Recovery Standpoint. There are hundreds of Graphics including Text and Content written by Scott Moulton about the process Flash Drives and SSD drives perform on your data. This is a must for all Forensic and Data Recovery People looking for information about how Solid State Drives Work. There is a Color Version and a Black and White, however ALL PDF Versions are COLOR at no extra charge!!!

You can purchase this Book or PDF here:

The second is a version of my famous Advanced Data Recovery Research and Whitepapers and the Hard Drive Data Recovery Diagnostics FLOWCHART in a new format. This book is over 90 pages of research on advanced hard drive recoveries and how to perform a recovery. What is the clicking noise the drive makes during the Click of Death, and what is the cause of this. During this discovery you will also be educated on most of the functions drives and the basics of all repair processes. This book also has a Color version, however ALL the PDF Downloads are in Color, only Printed Books are Black & White OR Color depending on what you purchase to ship.

You can also purchase this Book or PDF here:

You will find video presentations where Scott A. Moulton has appeared at many conferences as well as additional information about hard drives, serial numbers, clean rooms and even a 21 page white-paper on the "click of death."

Recent Content / TALKS:
SuperFlyFlippingA - YouTube Channel

DOD Cybercrime Summit 2011
Advanced Data Recovery Diagnostic Speech

Download 15megs: < Slides >
Advanced Data Recovery Diagnostics Flowchart:
Download Here: < Diagnostic Flowchart >

Shmoocon 2011 - Videos & Slides
Video: < Click Here >
Slides: <Download>

Video Presentations

Most presentations are on YouTube 
under user SuperFlyFlippingA & Channels are Posted Here:

SuperFlyFlippingA - YouTube Channel

ToorCon06 YouTube Video in 7 Parts (limited to 10 mins)

Podcast #27 - My Hard Drive Died.

My Hard Drive Died's new podcast on Forensics and Data Recovery and Hard Drives.

This podcast includes content about:

BYOB Podcast on Solid Stated Drives and New Technology

MHDD - My Newest Podcast on new technology and happenings with Solid State Drives for 2012 on the BYOB Podcast - The original link is failing. Here is a ftp link to the back up copy.

BYOB Two Hour Podcast on Everything you wanted to know about Hard Drives!

Data Recovery, Encryption, and Hard Drives.  Tonight we have the pleasure of being joined by Scott Moulton owner/founder of  We had a blast and learned an incredible

Cell Phone Providers Retention Periods

Cell Phone Providers Retention Periods

I am Speaking at SkyDogCon in Nashville on Nov 5th on Forensics

On Nov 5th, I'm speaking at SkyDogCon in Nashville on the topic of Criminal Forensics "Tracking your Shared SHA Hashes on the Internet" 

I am presenting at Hacker Halted in Miami Florida - here is the info if you want to attend

I am presenting at Hacker Halted 2011 in Miami Florida on Oct 21st-27th - If you want to attend here is the info:

My Upcoming Speech at SECTOR in Canada, details if you want to attend

Oct 17th-19th I will be speaking at SECTOR Conference in Canada - Here are the details if you want to attend!

My Interview with Ira from CyberJungle and HTCIA Conference

My Interview with Ira from CyberJungle and HTCIA Conference

The Design of OS/2 - An Awesome Book from the Past!


What an AWESOME BOOK! I just went back and pulled an old book off my bookshelf and reread it. It was “The Design of OS/2” by HM Deitel and MS Kogan. 

SecuraBit Episode 84: Tech Talk with Scott Moulton

SecuraBit Episode 84: Tech Talk with Scott Moulton


Mac Users: Typical Mac User Podcast

Mac Users: I was interviewed by Typical Mac User Podcast and they wanted to talk about Forensics and how Drives work.